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Terry College of Business | March 25, 2015

Terry College Career Consultants

Call for an appointment: (706) 542-3375

*General Career Center Walk-In Hours: M-F, 12:00-2:00 PM in the Career Center Computer Lab, 2nd Floor of Clark Howell Hall

*Terry Drop-in Hours
: Mondays, Tuesdays, & Wednesdays, 2:00-4:00pm in the MLC across from Jittery Joe's. Look for the Career Center table.

*Walk-in & Drop-in Hours are NOT offered on Resume Critique Days or during Career Fairs*

Email Contents

1. GACE Statewide Career Fair - Tuesday, April 7th
    • List of employers
    • Pre-event workshop

    2. Career Fair & Networking Tips

    3. Upcoming Workshops & the Business Professionalism Certificate

    1. GACE Statewide Career Career Fair

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    10th Annual GACE Statewide Career Fair - Atlanta, GA

    The GACE Statewide Career Fair is the largest career fair in the state of Georgia, with over 45 participating colleges and 150+ employers and graduate schools in attendance. It is organized by the Georgia Association of Colleges and Employers (GACE), which is a collaboration between Georgia collegiate career services offices and hiring managers.

    No registration required. Just bring a student ID or show your resume with the University of Georgia listed for your ticket in. Please note professional dress is required. Click here for dress requirements: http://ow.ly/ILtAg

    If you have classes during the career fair, we encourage you to meet with your professors to politely ask if you could either attend another section of the class to make up for your absence or ask if other arrangements can be made.

    150+ Employers are registered to attend! Click here to see the list of employers.

    For more information, visit: http://www.gace.org/C2C.Students.Alumni

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    April 7: 10am-11am, Pre-Career Fair Pit Crew

    Participate in the Pre-Career Fair event and visit the "GACE Pit Crew" for a final check. The purpose of the walk-in event is for students and alumni to stop by to practice their elevator pitch, do a wardrobe check, and learn useful tips on how to get the most out of the fair.

    2. Career Fair & Networking Tips

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    3. Upcoming Workshops & Business Professionalism Certificate

    The Business Professionalism Certificate (BPC) is a series of programs offered by the UGA Career Center to train students on professional etiquette, job searching and other career development concerns that will impact your success in your future career. Students are required to attend 5 approved programs to receive the certificate.


    Previous BPC participants said:

    “Great program because it's information we are missing in the classroom.”
    “I enjoyed learning about a topic that was so important for our current job search.”
    “I liked that you brought in a real professional and had her tell us what companies wanted...”
    “We walk around thinking we know everything about careers and school, but we actually don't know much. It was nice to get good information and tips regarding my future.”

    Click Here to learn more about the program.

    What We Can Help You With:

    • Resumes and Cover Letters
    • Interviewing/ Mock Interviews
    • Portfolio Critiques
    • Major and Career Exploration
    • Internships
    • Job Searching
    • Networking & Making Connections
    • Graduate Schools
    • Salary & Negotiation
    • Professional Etiquette & Communication

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