By: Lisa Unger

Chlorine-36 has:

  • an atomic mass of 35.453
  • an alpha decay of 32/15 P
  • a beta decay of 36/18 Ar (Argon)
  • a gamma decay of 36/17 Cl

Physical properties:

  • Melting point is -101.5 Celsius
  • Boiling point is -34.04 Celsius


  • dating ice and sediments
  • used as a tracer

(Tracer- ammunition containing a chemical substance that causes a projective to trail smoke or fire so as to make its path visible and indicates a target to other firers.)


  • Chlorine-36 is the longest-lived radioactive isotope.
  • Produced by irradiation of seawater during atmospheric detonations of nuclear weapons between 1952 and 1958.