3rd 6 weeks ELA


Point of view

There are three types of point of view.first person,third person limited,and third person omnicent.first person-used when the main character tells the story using words like i or we.third person limited-third person is told by a narrator,third person limited is limited to one character.third person omniscient-narrator knows everything including what the characters are thinking or what will happen later, can make comments about what's happening

Revising and editing

  • Revising-ask your self questions like Does my introduction or lead succeed in grabbing the reader's attention?Does my conclusion successfully bring my writing to a close?Do my paragraphs flow from one to the other well?
  • Editing-proofread your story to find run on sentences, capitalation errors,spelling errors,etc

Brainstorm ideas

You can use charts to write down your ideas and thoughts