Stop Pollution In China

Most Of The Air in Eastern China is Above the "Healthy" Zone

As you can see in the air quality map here:, there are very few areas that are in the green zone, the zone where air is completely harmless.

Beijing Was Recently Put on "Orange Alert"

Beijing, a very largely populated city, contains many factories that put off harmful pollutants into the environment. Although these factories create many jobs and a large amount of goods worldwide are made there, they are very harmful to the air in China. These pollutants have put Beijing into a recently filed "Orange Alert." This is the second highest alert level and puts bans on things like barbecues, fireworks, and demolition work.

The current PM particle amount per cubic meter is about 20 times as much as the limit that is considered safe by the World Health Organization.

Pictures of the Smog in China

Effects on Citizens of China

In early december schools in at least two eastern china cities were forced to shut or suspend outdoor activities due to heavy smog. Residents complained of yellow skies and foul smells that were symptomatic of the countries ongoing smog crisis.