The Nurse


In the play Romeo and Juliet, Nurse is seen as a caring helpful figure for Juliet and she always wants whats best for her. Like in the situation, "Romeo, I come! This do i drink to thee"(Act 4 Sc.3 L.60). Even though it's not the nurse it's still an example of the overall theme that people should stay loyal to those they love. In this scene Juliet is drinking a sleeping potion which she fears could kill her just to be with Romeo. Although talking to herself she is acting as if shes talking to Romeo.
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The Nurse is always helping Juliet by doing things for her like taking things to Romeo or relaying message. Such was the case in this part of the play, " Here is a ring bid me give you, sir. Hie you, make haste, for it grows very late"( Act.3 Sc.3 L180-181). In this scene the Nurse is talking to Romeo because Juliet sent her to give something to him. This goes with the theme because it shows that she will do whatever remedial task Juliet wishes her to do.
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The Nurse wants nothing better than whats best for Juliet. One example of this is " An i might live to see you married once, I'll have my wish" (Act1 Sc.3 L. 67-68). In this example the nurse is professing her desire to see Juliet married to Juliet. She wants Juliet to be happy and thinks that her getting married will do that for her.
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The Nurse has always been Juliet's best friend and a fountain of wisdom who has never steered her wrong. For example," Go, girl, seek happy nights to happy days" ( Act.1 Sc.3 L 115). She wants Juliet to go and live a happy life after she is gone by herself without the Nurse there to guide her.
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