Aka Lilly Singh

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The Life of Lilly Singh

The person that inspires me is Lilly Singh. Also known as Superwoman. In October 2010 Lilly made a Youtube account and became known as Superwoman. Lilly is Indian and she was born in Scarborough, Toronto, Canada on September 26,1988. Some things about Lilly's life are that she was considered a tom boy. She wore baggy clohes and didn't like anything girly. Also she loved wrestling.Her parents always said it was because they were secretly hoping she was a boy. Her family was her late grandpa, her mom, her dad, her sister, and herself. When she was little she was obsessed with the baxter boys, Spice Girls and the Rock. When she was a kid she bought a Superwoman ring that she wears everyday. She calls herself Superwoman because it makes her feel proud and confident. During her school years Lilly was convinced she was destined to be something big and doing some boring job was not it. A lot changed when she entered university and one thing was that Lilly got deppression.

During depression Lilly had lost her desire to eat and wake up in the morning. Lilly lost a lot of friends because she would not answer her phone and ignored everybody. Lilly had no goals and no motivation. Lilly even lost her desire to live. She just wanted to die. Lilly even thought about sucide. Lilly's depression lasted for about a year. The only thing that changed Lilly was that she wanted to change. She wanted to have her old live back and did not want to live like this. Over the next year she forced herself to ger her life back with a growth minset. Lilly thought that if her mind could affect her negativly it could do the same in a postitve way.

The reason I find Lilly postitve is because when she was in depression she came out of it. That would not have happened if she didn't have a growth midset. Lilly is my role model she is nice and positive. No matter what life throws at her she always gets through it. Lilly was just some normal girl that was 'weird' and 'deppressed', but she is now known as 'postitive' and a 'unicorn'. Everybody looks up to her. Most people son't realize that Lilly would not be where she is right now without a Growth Mindset. This is the reason why I think she has a Growth Mindset.

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