Hysterical Historyof Trojan War

Stage Play

Main Idea

The stage has large wall upstage which is the wall of Troy. It can even be a small wall so the actors' heads can look over it. The land and shore outside Troy is in the left part of the stage. The ocean is offstage in the audience. Before the play, an actor (Poseidon) can warm up the audience by having them pretend to be the ocean and PARIS and HELEN can sail through them. Poseidon has complete control of the ocean audience. They could even do battle with some Spartan Greeks before the play as PARIS and HELEN flee. The audience should be divided into two sides: Spartan and Trojan. At different times during the play, the Spartan and Trojan sides of the audience will cheer for their people (ATHENA directs the Spartan side. ATHENA says "This is..." and the audience cheers "Sparta!". HELEN leads the other side in the cheer.


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In greek time you would have to wear a old dresses and toja's. The greek gods that are men wear king crowns witha men dresse or suit and actient suit..


People that act out this play would preform on a normal stage but the fictional greek gods it self would act out in a fictional heaven or in god

Type of drama and why

The play my group is doing is a historyic play