Invasive species

How does aquatic invasive species adapt to it's habitat?

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When aquatic invasive species somehow gets to another non-familiar aquatic habitat it...

1. Is not familiar with the climet changes.

2. may have more or less prey than usuall which could lead to overdose on food, or starvation.

3. Might have predators

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So What?

So what if A aquatic sea animal somehow moves to another habitat? Well if lets say a shark or even a little fish appears in another habitat it forces it's victims or prey to move out of it's habitat and the predators of that prey have no food. The invasive species could also steal some of the animals on top of the food chains food.
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Still not affecting us humans. Right?

after all of this nothing effects us. Right? well when I.S. steals fish that we eat it lowers our percent of fish, it is also harm human health. The impact of invasive species cost over billions of doallers each year.