The duck and the wolf


One day there was a duck passing by a wolf's den and the wolf came out and said, "Hello there duck, how is your day today?" he said politely. The duck responded with "I don't care also I hate you and your children! I also hate your garden and your den!" But the wolf didn't care he just thought that the duck was having a bad day. So a day passed and the duck passed the wolf's den again and the wolf said again,"Hello there duck, how is your day today?" The duck then replied with "Zip it dog breath, I don't want you talk because if you didn't get the message I HATE YOU! So I hope you go FALL IN A WELL!" This hurt the wolf and so he went inside and slept in his bed the rest of the day. Another day passed and the duck walked by again. This time the wolf said, "I forgive you duck." and the duck said, "Forgive me for what? You being stupid?" The wolf was very upset now and was mad at the duck. one more day passed and the wolf went out and herd the duck crying for help. The wolf came by a well and saw that the duck fell in it. The duck said, "Please help I'm stuck!" The wolf then said in the most spiteful voice, "Don't you have wings? Just fly."
The moral of the story is that you shouldn't be mean to someone that likes you .