The Buzzing Bee

Libby Breider

Gymnastics State Meet Held in Milwukee

Milwaukee, WI- It was 6 am and Libby Breider had just woken up, getting ready to travel 2 hours from Green Bay to Milwaukee. Today was the day that her, and many other gymnasts had been preparing for. It was the state meet.

There was going to be hundreds of gymnasts competing from all levels. Libby was going to be competing at 8:30 am with her teammate Jorydyn as a level 9. The ride down was a stressful one for Libby as she was only thinking about how she needed the all around of 34.00 to go to regionals.

The meet kicked off with stretching and the national anthem. Libby and Jordyn had an event rotation of vault, bars, beam then floor. Libby started off the meet good with a 8.875 on vault. The meet quickly passed, Libby getting a 7.3 on bars and a season high of 9.1 on beam. There was only one event left and all Libby needed was 8.5 on floor, her best event. Libby nervously waits for the judge to salute. "Let's go Libby!", "You got it!" Jordyn and the coaches cheer. She then went out and did her routine, focusing on everything she had worked so hard for this year. When she stepped off the floor she looked confident and satisfied. As the score flashed she got a burst of excitement as the score was 9.15!

It was finally time for awards and Libby and Jordyn had qualified for regionals. Although the team didn't place, Libby took second on beam and floor, leaving the meet as a new competitor.

A Show to See!

Mexico- As the crowds gathered to see the amazing Mexican cowboy, you could tell the stakes were high. This show, only for a certain few would test the skills of the cowboy wearing his usual cowboy getup. As the lights dimmed in the dinner room, the Mexican cowboy waited back stage. Suddenly he stepped out looking confident and ready to begin. The crowd hushed as the music began. The classical country blared as the cowboy danced, hopped and jumped to the beat! He then brought out his rope and it just got better! He leaped through the air like gazelle as he twirled his rope around and around! The crowd was glorified! "Wow!" They screamed and shouted. Then, just as the performance had began, the cowboy did this final dance and left the stage. The crowd was silent just a second and then stood on their feet and the building boomed with claps and cheers.

Troubles at the Tollbooths

Chicago, Illinois- It was 4 o'clock pm, the Breiders were right outside of Chicago with only 4 hours till they arrived home. They were making great time when all of a sudden they came to a great halt. It was the first toll of the trip. The five sat there unmoving, looking around confused. Why had they been sitting at a toll for 5 minutes? All of a sudden they realized there was a rusty old car with people rummaging around inside. "What is going on?" Mom says to Dad. "It looks like they can't find any money to pay." He says. Then, out of no where a women storms out of her car, and shoves a dollar bill in the mans face. He try's to put it in, but the toll won't take it! After 3 more minutes of frustration they finally decide to leave the scene and pay the toll when they get home.