The life of Melinda Childers

In college

College days

Melinda Childers was born in raised and Los Angeles California,Compton california. Melinda has a brother named Robert Childers the 4th, in a sister named makeshia Childers.Their parents are Roslin Green in Lawrece Green. The things that Melinda accomplished in life was to get her college degree in graduate degree. The failure Melinda did Was getting a Divorce. Entering graduate school as a single parent to.Some of the things she happy for is her 8 kids if they are step or blood.In going back to school to get more degrees.

The lesson

The lesson that Melinda learned. Was that family will always be there. When Melinda was in college she did great but she also had a baby boy named Dylan. So she did good as a mother,in got help from her sister Amber willsoms.

Kailyn Edwards

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