Executive Summary

The Latest News from County Executive Jan Gardner

County Passes FY18 Budget

Delivers Exceptional Schools, Safe Communities, High Quality of Life

The County has approved a modest budget for Fiscal Year 2018 that delivers results! Thanks to our fiscal responsibility and our vibrant economy, we are able to provide top-notch education, safe communities and a high quality of life with no tax rate increase.

In fact, because of the County's stellar AAA bond rating, our debt service has dropped, saving taxpayers $2 million a year. The budget is lean, sensible, balanced and fiscally responsible. It protects taxpayers' money.

A record amount of funding will go to education to implement the second year phase-in of the teacher and school system staff new competitive pay scale.

Keeping our communities safe is a fundamental responsibility of local government. The budget adds public safety positions to meet the growing volume of calls and to address the opioid and heroin issue.

The budget begins to implement our Seniors First initiative to plan and provide for the rapidly growing population of seniors who call Frederick County home. We're pleased to be taking care of our own and keeping our promise to our seniors at Citizens Care and Rehabilitation Center and Montevue Assisted Living. The facilities are operating as a self-sustaining operation with no general fund support.

This is a great day in Frederick County! I want to thank Council President Bud Otis, Vice President M.C. Keegan-Ayer, and Council Members Jerry Donald and Jessica Fitzwater for supporting my budget.

Community Partnership Grant winners!

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Once again, I am proud to announce Community Partnership Grants to restore our longstanding and productive partnerships with our human service non-profit agencies. Together, we do more to help all our residents achieve success and save money in the process.

The Community Partnership Grant program is cost-effective and saves taxpayers money. CPGs leverage county resources, avoid duplication of effort and establish a strong functional collaboration to meet the human service needs in the community. Working together with the community, the county saves tax dollars through early intervention and prevention.

For a full list of agencies awarded grants, click here.

County Spotlight: Heroin Awareness Sign

Did you know...?

During the last Board of County Commissioners' administration, 44 residential developments were approved through legally binding Developers Rights & Responsibilities Agreements or Letters of Understanding. When they are completed, they will add more than 12,000 houses, mostly in the New Market, Linganore, Urbana and Green Valley areas.

We have heard lots of complaints about traffic and the mass grading around Oakdale High School and in Lake Linganore. There projects were approved by the prior administration without an adequate plan for infrastructure. It is legally hard to address, but stay tuned for some upcoming ideas and recommendations.

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