Farmers Wanted

By Karlah Box

A Farming Job Needed!

Are you someone that is looking for a job and does not have an education in you background?

Well here is a perfect job for you! This job does not need an education in your background but you do need to be able to work hard!


For this job you would normally wear light clothes that were made from linen!

the linen is made from flax which is a plant in which was grown along the Nile.

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You don't need to have gone to school to be an Ancient Egypt Farmer

Role description

The role description involves:

  • Looking after the soil
  • Looking after the animals
  • Harvesting and Growing crops
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Working hours

The working hours for this job is Dawn till Dusk
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The payment that you will get depends on how much land you own!
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The tools for farming includes:

  • Winnowing scoops
  • Mattocks
  • Flint-Bladed sickles
  • Plows

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