Indus Valley Civilization

Catherine Ervin, Evan Rauscher, Isabella Barrera Aguirre


In nearly every civilization there is culture, and there is the question of how humans came to be and how the world was created. In culture there was religion, writing, architecture & art, achievements, and innovations. The beliefs of the creation of life differ depending on culture. Although beliefs have lots of detail, many of them show basic themes. Many creation myths depend on the presence and works of a high power. Other myths begin with gods with human-like qualities, the earth itself being drawn out of water, or even a cosmic egg exploding into shards, forming the Earth. All myths don't have a certain theme but rather share similar themes and features. The difference in each myth is what makes each culture’s beliefs unique.



  • Some innovations were weapons, art, paint, wells, and indoor plumbing.


  • They had indoor plumbing in most houses that had helped bring water in to the home and so they had flush toilets.

  • The developed India’s first writing system.

  • They made excellent pottery, jewelry, clothing, cotton, and ivory objects.

  • They were among the first traders.

  • They developed a system for weights and measures.


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Architecture & Art

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Indus Valley Writing Barrera aguirre_Ervin_Rausche

The Ruins of Mohenjo-daro

Although it says, "Moenjodero" it is actually spelled "Mohenjo-daro"


Indus Valley was a civilization that was very advanced they had a lot of great innovations and achievements. The people there tried to have indoor plumbing in most houses. They even had a measurement and weight system. The cities were very good because they were very good at math so they planned the cities very well and the streets and houses around the cities. Even though these people got to enjoy their innovations like the indoor plumbing they had to deal with tough situations. In the summer they would get drenched in terrible floods. Also if you were a kid you would have to sometimes go to your parents work and help out. In their religion they believed in Gods and they would carve the Gods into seals that they made. This is what the people in Indus Valley did and accomplished.