Helias Library/Media Center

December 2016/January 2017

Staff Change for 2nd Semester

I will be taking a medical leave of absence for a few months. While I am away, Mr. Garrett Wiggans will be keeping the library going. Mr. Wiggans is a very familiar face to all of the students at Helias. In addition to being a regular substitute, he is also on the coaching staff. Many thanks to him for his willingness to step in and take care of the library for me. The kids, faculty and staff are in good hands!

Merry Christmas & Many Blessings in 2017

How blessed I am to get to come to work each day at Helias. I hear from colleagues across the state about positions being eliminated and budgets being cut from the libraries in their districts. Our students have the staff support and the materials they need--something many students do not have in their schools. How thankful I am for an administration and greater Helias community that recognizes and values the important role the library plays in the day to day life of the school. We are blessed.