To Those Who Persevered,

We Salute You

By: Zoi Goss

What Is Perseverance?

Perseverance is trying to do something difficult, even if it's hard to do. Perseverance is trying hard and pushing through the things that stand in your way to get the things you want.

Background Information

Jackie Robinson and Eleanor Roosevelt: How They Persevered

Jackie Robinson went through some tough times in his life. Another person who went through tough times in their life is Eleanor Roosevelt. Jackie Robinson was an African American baseball player, that itself made his life difficult. He couldn't play in the major leagues because of his race and he got chastised for trying to do so. Once he auditioned for the Boston Red Socks, but was rejected right away because of his race. Finally Branch Rickey found him and invited him to play with the Brooklyn Dodgers. All of his professional career he was abused, physically and verbally, by fans and other players. Even after he retired and he became a civil rights activist, he couldn't get people to stand with him on his side.

Eleanor Roosevelt was the first lady of the United States. She started out as a young girl who's parents didn't want her. Her parents always wanted a boy, and didn't treat her as well as they should. Both of her parents and one of her brothers died when she was really young. During her career in politics, she persisted to help her husband become president. She helped in the government during and after her husband became president.

Both of these people had hard beginnings and became successful later in life. They may have gone through different struggles, but they did have some similarities in their lives. Both of them were judged for their appearance, either for their skin color or their gender. Both of them were eloquent speakers, and they stood up for what they believed in. They both stood up for African American rights as well. They both went through similar struggles even though they lived in different times.

What Happened on "The Sandy Road"

In the story "Sandy Road" a group of merchants wants to sell their goods. To get to the place to sell their goods they have to pass through a terribly hot desert. The desert sand is so hot in fact that they have to travel during the night so that the sun doesn't warm the sand. As they were traveling they slept during the day and traveled at night, the desert was very big and it took them many days to get through it. Soon they only had one day left of their journey, so they decided to get rid of their spare water, food and wood. During the night as they traveled their guide fell asleep and could not show the oxen the right way to go. When the rest of the group woke up the next morning they found that they were lost. The oxen had taken a turn last night while the guide was asleep and now they were lost without food, water or wood for a fire. The merchants did not want to give in to this adversity so they searched for a way to get back. One of the merchants saw some grass and knew their must be water nearby so they went on a quest to look for the water. They found a small well but couldn't get to the water because a rock blocked their way. They persevered and moved the rock out of their way. They got to the water and were able to find their way out of the desert.

How Winston Churchill Made It To the Top

Winston Churchill had both triumphs and adversities in his life. Most of his adversities occurred during his childhood and teen life. He was never good in school but he always tried his best. He applied to countless collages, but he never got in. Not because he wasn't accepted, but because he couldn't pass any of the entrance exams. He may not have gotten into collage but he still had the ambition to do something great. He graduated from his military school and went on to do the great things he dreamed of. He fought in the war and helped his country, and then he became Prime Minister of Great Britain. He was such a great Prime Minister that he got reelected, and ran for two terms. The Queen even knighted him. Later in his life during WW2 he went back to his old military school and gave a encouraging speech. He became a great inspirational speaker and helped many people in his lifetime.

What Caused Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg To Become The Violinist She Is Now

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The Problems Jackie Robinson Faced, and How He Solved Them

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What Can Be Learned From Perseverance

Somethings that can be learned from perseverance are that people can do anything they want as long as they work for it. All the people learned about in the unit did something no one thought they could do. These people can teach others that no matter the adversity or the problem, they can overcome it. All they need to do is persist, try their best and never give up. That is the most important thing that someone can learn from this perseverance unit.