Foreign Language

Language at Valley High School

Valley's Foreign Language Prestige

Valley High School offers six different foreign languages, German, Chinese, French, Latin, Japanese, and Spanish are all offered at Valley High School. There are many different opportunity's for a student to immerse themselves in foreign language and culture here at Valley High School. Students have opportunity's to participate in foreign language competitions or even travel to a foreign country.


Valley offers Spanish instruction to all students of the district in the first through sixth grade, but in depth Spanish instruction begins for students in grades 8-12 and includes levels I-AP.

Spanish Teachers and their levels:

Senora Cooley II, III

Senora Herr IV, AP

Senor Van der Meer III, IV

Senora Boyle II, III

Senora Friedley

Senora Baum-Ferree I, II


German is one of the most popular European languages to learn and here at Valley High School, German I-AP is offered. Teachers include Frau Chavez who teaches all levels of German.


Chinese teachers include Mr. Lin, who teaches all levels of Chinese here at Valley Highschool