All About Me.

Shayla Fisher.

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General things about me ..

My birthday is September 22 2000. i am 14 years old i will be 15 soon. My favorite color is pink , blue, and light grey. i love dogs i have four of my own ( bella , bandit , bash and bink ).

what i do during the weekends

What i mainly do during the weekends is catch up on sleep. i wake up around 10 unless my little sister jaznelly wakes me up . i usually go over my bestfreinds house who lives like 5 houses down . i stay at her house for like weeks . i also like listening to music and playing with my dogs , and if its hot i go swimming and my dogs like to jump in too.

What i like about school

School really isn't something i wanna do but i want to be successful. In order for me to became a surgeon i need to stay in school and learn. I don't care about waking up early , its just having to stay in a seat while the teachers keep talking.

Facts about me .

1. i really dont like making new friends

2. school isnt my thing , but i dont mind waking up early

3. i can be really annoying sometimes

4.i got a adopted sister this summer (Jaznelly)

5. i am Puerto Rican

6. i have semi-long hair and its really curly

7. i have 1 brother and 2 sister make it 3 now

8. i tend to get along with everyone

9. i tend to yell if someone over talks me or yells at me .

10. i LOVE ironman , ever since i was little

11. i wanna become a surgeon

12. i wanna go to Princeton University when i get out of highschool

13. I LOVE dogs!

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