Welcome to Summer Inspiration Camp

more than just expectancy (:

This camp is exclusively for girls with autism

Camp inspiration is a fun, entertaning camp for girls with learning diffrences or disabilities such as autism. this camp is for kids that are willing to look beyond their sickness and have fun, and do things any normal girl their age would do. camp inspiration will accept kids from 8-13 years of age.

Fun Activities

Schedule & Requirements

This camp will last four week from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., five days a week, monday - friday.

Each day we will have different activities depending on weather conditions and supplies. This camp will start moday, june 17 and will end friday, july 12. Your daughter will need to bring the following item:

-swim suit

-sun screen

-extra clothing

-ballet shoes

-blottled water

there would be no need for a lunch to be brought as we will be serving lunch and will provide a snack for the girls. breakfast will be have to be ate at home, we will not be providing breakfast.

Sign up and registration fee

To sign up yu will need to call or e-mail us. once yu haved called/e-mailed us we will send you the sign up sheet through e-mail or it would just be mailed to you, which ever is more convinient for you and your child.

The sign up fee will be $340 and can be paid in any form or way(such as, cash, credit, debit, or check). It will need to be paid as soon as the sign up sheet is given in return. The weekly payments will be due every wednesday of every week. The weekly fee will be $40. If for any reason you are not be able to give the payments on time please contact us and we will come to an agreement. Also, if this price seems to expensive for you please contact us to seek opportunity for a scholarship.