Technology Campus Chronicle

Vol. 2 No. 5

Principal's Corner

The Week Ending 9-14-18

Dear OSS Technology Campus Families,

The deadline for the STEM art contest is October 12th. Please see Ms. Martinez for additional information.

The next school wide dress down day is Friday, September 14th. Students with no conducts points or office referrals in the month of August will qualify.

Hispanic Heritage Night is September 27th. This RSVP event will celebrate the countries and culture of various Hispanic countries.

Congratulations to the following students for scoring perfectly on either (or both) the ELA and Math FSA assessment. These students were recognized by Governor Rick Scott.

Aarati A. (3rd Grade ELA and 3rd Grade Math)

Maya D. (3rd Grade ELA)

Rasheed A. (3rd Grade Math)

Zohaib B. (3rd Grade Math)

Joaquin D. (3rd Grade Math)

Azaan M. (3rd Grade Math)

Sanjana N. (3rd Grade Math)

Nolan F. (4th Grade Math)

Brenda N. (4th Grade Math)

Aidan P. (4th Grade Math)

Riya P. (4th Grade Math)

Samuel S. (4th Grade Math)

Alexandria B. (4th Grade Math)


Michael Singleton

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The Technology Campus is incredibly thankful for all of our faithful readers, and for that we would like to reward our families. Moving forward we will have a NEWSLETTER QUIZ located under the Principal's corner.

Quiz completion will automatically place your student into a drawing for a Dress Down Pass. Dress Down Passes will be awarded to 10% of entries for each building. The number of entries will directly effect the amount of prizes awarded for the week. Entries selected from the lottery must be correct upon review.

We hope that you have fun, and enjoy reading this week's edition! Entries are due by the end of day Monday, October 1st.

Online Payment System

Parents can now make FREE online payments for most school expenses online with School Pay. This includes School Lunch and After Care! Simply log into your secure online School Pay Parent Center account and pay for items including after school care fees, club fees, field trips, class fees, student fees and more. The first step is creating your Parent Center Account at Please go to "Charter Schools" tab and then choose your school name as "Orlando Science Elementary School" to complete the steps for creating your parent account. Online payment methods include VISA, MasterCard, Discover cards, and a full history of payments is searchable by date and child.This gives families the convenience of paying at any time (24/7) from your home PC Emphasis on Security The School Pay service is audited by a third-party to assure adherence to the strict, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). If you have any problems using the School Pay system please call 1 888-88-MYPAY

Questions about your student’s school pay account can be directed to Ms. Centenera.

OSS Technology Volunteers

Interested in Volunteering at the OSS Technology campus?

Orlando Science Families interested in volunteering at the OSS Technology Campus during the 2018-2019 School Year MUST be ADDitions approved. Below you will find the link to apply for ADDitions for the 2018-2019 School Year.

Join the OSS Parent Volunteer Organization!

Welcome Parents!

It is time, once again, to join the Parent Volunteer Organization (PVO). Membership is $25 per family for returning families and $30 for new families, your membership dues go directly back into the school to provide items and supplies for our teachers. We are also asking that PVO members work with specific committees (School Improvement, Fundraising, Volunteer Work, Teacher Appreciation, Events, Etc.)

For latest information and events happening at our technology campus, grades K-5, please join our Facebook page under ''OSES PVO". We can also be reached at

Attendance Matters

Attendance is key to the success of your student's learning. If you have any attendance concerns such as daily absences, upcoming absences, extended absences or questions please contact Ms Stella for k-3rd grade and Ms. Taylor for 3rd-6th grade

Next Week's Lunch Menu

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Orcas, we ask that you take a moment and fill out the OCPS Free/Reduced Meal Application today! To fill out the application simply click the START FRESH photo above or click the link below. For more details regarding the application please select the appropriate link below.


This week in Kindergarten we explored the theme “Seasons” and read “Tap the Magic Tree” by Christie Matheson. We all really liked how tapping, jiggling, and shaky the tree changed the tree throughout the seasons. We also enjoyed creating our own describing words and changes to the tree too!!

We are continuing to practice our numbers, counting to 120 and place value. We are having fun using different manipulatives to explore place value.

We finished our week using our five senses and taste testing “Life Savers” labeling when on our tongues we felt the different tastes. Then we learned how these different spots only taste certain flavors!! It was a yummy experiment!!

First Grade

This week Mrs. Beckman’s class read the non fiction story “Lucia’s Neighborhood” and reviewed nouns and verbs. In math, it was extended learning week and we used interactive games to review addition strategies!

This week in Ms. Jones’s class, we are working on understanding multiple meaning words, sequence of events, and verbs. We are also working on addition strategies and writing about math for our own “Gus the Plus” characters. We are continuing working in centers and sharing our thoughts and ideas.

Ms. Kelly’s class is at it again! We are continuing to learn more about adjectives as we explore our senses. Adjectives give details to our writing, just as our senses give detail to our world. After reading the story “A Musical Day,” we learned how our ears can hear vibrations, or sound waves. Different vibrations can make different sounds and tones. We also used all of our senses to add details to our writing as we reflect on the story. In math, we are working on techniques to solve math problems and word problems, such as circling the numbers we see in sentences and underline the question words.Great work first graders!

In Ms. DiNuzzo’s class we are reading the text, “When I Was Young in the Mountains” by Cynthia Rylant. We’ve compared life then and now. We’ve defined setting as where and when the story takes place. We’ve also discussed how words can have multiple meanings. In math, students have continued to prepare for the Chapter 1 test next week. Students are on a wonderful start earning AR points and we’ve announced our first, top two AR winners for the week. These students have over 85% and have had the most points in the class during the previous week, Monday - Sunday. These students get to wear the class AR Superhero cape, mask, bracelet and are given an opportunity to fly like an AR Superhero around the room, get recognition from their classmates, be on our Class Dojo wall in their superhero stance, and be featured in this awesome school newsletter! Congratulations to Molina with 7.3 points for the week and David with 6 points for the week. Your community (school, teacher, and family) are so proud of you!! Keep up the great work! I look forward to our weekly competitions and who our next AR Superheroes will be! It could be you, keep reading!

As a reminder, first grade has an upcoming field trip. On October 19th, the students will be visiting the Orlando Repertory Theater to view a live production of “Junie B. Jones”. The permission slips for this field trip are due no later than September 28th.

Second Grade

In Social Studies, 2nd grade is completing a project on Family Tree. Students had to provide research on their family, interview a grandparent to see how their life was different compared to how student life is today, and create a family tree poster to present to the class.

They are also starting to receive information about the Hispanic Heritage Night and the country their class is researching.

In Science, students are learning about the Scientific Method and conducting experiments. They recently have been conducting the Pointy Pencil, Gassy Balloon, and Sticky Balloon experiments and making predictions about what they think will happen during each experiment.

Upcoming events:

second grade has an upcoming field trip. On September 25h, the students will be visiting the Orlando Repertory Theater to view a live production of “Junie B. Jones”.

Hispanic Heritage Night is September 27th! Watch your child’s classroom transform into another country right before your eyes as we learn about different Hispanic countries that have influenced our lives. Make sure you RSVP to the Hispanic Heritage Night and we hope to see you there!

Third Grade

Third grade went on our first field trip of the year this week and we had a blast! Students learned many new things while at the same time enjoying an awesome treat...CHOCOLATE!

Students are working hard on their state floats in class. The Great Travel Fair is right around the corner! Please contact your child’s teacher to find out how you can help make this event a success!

The fall festival is around the corner and like last year, each grade level will be making a basket for the silent auction. Our grade-level theme is Sweet Treats! Please help fill our basket with goodies such as candy, chocolate, cookies, etc. The deadline for items to be donated is October 5th.

Ms. Hurley’s class has been learning about point of view in reading, multiplication in math and we have been reviewing basic grammar as well. Students are enjoying reading our second novel of the year, The Chocolate Touch and are looking forward to choosing which book we read aloud next. We have been having fun learning about the Southwest region as well as learning all 50 states. We will be having our first regions test on Tuesday, September 18th.

Fourth Grade

This week in Mrs. Roberts classroom the students have been working hard! In reading we finished the text Because of Winn-Dixie. Our focus was on characters and how they interact in the story. In math we are finishing up our unit on place value which include rounding, estimation, and adding/subtracting whole numbers. We will be testing over the unit next week on Monday. As we have been learning that with collaboration, scientists are able to observe, research and use data. We have also been exploring and sharing our own uniqueness and how differences connect us! In social studies this week we focused on the character trait empathy. Please ask your child what they think empathy means and how they can best show empathy to others. Don’t forget to read nightly for at least 30 minutes, stay up to date on study island assignments, and practice math facts daily. Remember, what we do everyday matters more than what we do once in a while!

In Mr. Press’s class, we have been tracking all of the named tropical cyclone activity in the Atlantic. The students have enjoyed predicting movements and improving their data collection, charting, and map reading skills.

Mrs. Michaud's class has been hard at work this week! In Reading, we have been exploring theme. In Math, we finished Chapter 1 and are moving on to Chapter 2, which focuses on division. In Writing we have been focusing on our introduction and conclusion paragraphs. In Science, we have discussed the role of collecting accurate data and models. In Social Studies, we continued our conversation about Florida geography. Don’t forget T shirt money is due Sept. 25! Please be sure to sign up for ADDitions!

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Fifth Grade

In Ms. Jensen’s class this week, students learned all about solubility. They became potion masters as they attempted to discover what materials are soluble in water. The materials that they tested included salt, sugar, sand, sprinkles, coffee, hot chocolate powder, oil and flour. Solubility is just one of the many different properties of different kinds of matter. We can’t wait to discover more!

Parents - don’t forget that the field trip forms for the first field trip of the year are due next Monday!

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Sixth Grade

Mrs. Gajus' Pre-Algebra students have been learning how to represent and simplify expressions using algebra tiles. We have been learning a variety of strategies for simplifying expressions and comparing their values. Algebra tiles help the students visualize the terms in the expressions and allow them to physically move the terms around to solve. Grade 6/7 math students have been learning a lot about probability. We looked at the likelihood of certain events taking place and learned the difference between theoretical and experimental probabilities. We also have discovered how to combine probabilities in order to find the likelihood of multiple events taking place. All classes have moved into chapter 2 and are working very hard so far!

**Please make sure your students are using the homework help website when they are struggling on problems at home. This site will give them some information on how to solve the problems. The URL is:
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Dear Parents,

OSS Turkish Language department is organizing a field trip to Sourdough Bread House for students who take Turkish as a foreign language. Students will have an opportunity to practice their Turkish Language skills and will learn more about Turkish culture. Parents are very welcome to join us. There is limited number of seats and it will be first come first serve. Please RSVP to Mr. Koc for the event.

WHEN: September 29th, 2018 at 9:30am to 11:30am

WHERE: Sourdough Bread House, 110 N Orlando Ave, Maitland, FL 32751

Cost: Please see the attached menu and we will get a 15% discount. Please tell us what you would like to order.

TRANSPORTATION: If students need transportation, teacher will provide the transportations. Please fill out the consent form and return to Mr. Koc. Students need to be at the school at 9:00am. Parents need to pick up their students at 11:30am from the school.

If parents are participating, we do not need the consent form but please let us know what would you like to order ahead of time. Please be at the address at 9:30am.

Contact info:

Specials k-6


For the first couple of weeks in computer class we learned about different technologies, and that technology has changed over time. We created word clouds with our new vocabulary. This week in 3rd -5th we have been learning algorithms and conditional statements. Students were broken into groups and asked to create a maze, they then gave their other group members specific instructions on how to navigate through the map just like they would if they were programming. 1st- 2nd grade are learning the different keys on the keyboard with ABCYA keyboard challenge.

Resources for home: Code. org, ABCYA keyboard challenge, ABCYA Word clouds , ABCYA Find the Technology


Young Music Makers!

This week students have been wrapping up their rhythm lesson. To show that they have grasp the concept of understanding how to count rhythms, perform them and read them; the students had to become the teacher. Groups of student were required to compose an 8 measure rhythm composition and teach it to their fellow classmates. Myself and students truly enjoyed this lesson. They will now be moving on to learning all about pitch in their next lesson.


We would like to add a gentle reminder that all students should wear tennis shoes and bring a full water bottle on the days when they have PE. This is for their own safety. Please also make sure that if your child has shoes with laces that they can tie these themselves. Thank you and we look forward to a great year with your students in PE.

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Clubs and Sports Information

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If you are interested in joining a club please fill out the form below and hand it into the front office. You will be placed in the clubs that have space available.

We have added 2 new clubs for 4th and 5th grade students: Monday debate until 4PM and Thursday art

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The k-5 STEM art contest deadline is October 12, 2018. If you need additional information or have any questions please contact
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OSS’s science fair is an excellent opportunity for our students to explore their favorite topic in science. It provides an avenue for student research, allow students to be actively engaged in their own learning, and to use their own creativity to solve a pressing problem in an imaginative way. A science fair builds a bridge between home and school - establishing bonds between students, parents, and teachers and inspires students to become life long learners.

All forms must be typed or filled out using blue ink. NO pencil!

Mr. Stampas is the adult sponsor., (407) 253-7304

Form 1B is signed by the student and the parent. Besides the start date of experimentation on form 1A (10/20/17), all other forms prior to experimentation will be dated in September.

Please click the link below for full science fair description!

Important Fall Festival Information

Fall festival:

Fall festival is around the corner and like last year each grade level will participate in a competition of which class donated more for the silent auction baskets. Proceeds from the baskets will be going towards the PVO. The deadline for items to be in is October 5th. Items are to be turned in to the student’s homeroom teacher.

The silent auction baskets theme are as follows:

Kindergarten: Hurricane Readiness basket

Suggested items: flashlights, batteries, mosquito nets, waters, first aid kits

1st grade: Pamper Yourself

Suggested items: Bubble bath, bath salts, towels, candles, a CD of meditative music, gift card to a local salon and/or for a massage.

2nd grade: Legos

Suggested items: Lego’s for different ages, Lego people, Lego books, Lego room decorations, Lego DVDs

3rd: Sweet treats

Suggested items: candies, chocolate, snacks

4th grade: Fun with Science

Suggested items: Tickets to science museum (if you have one nearby), science games, experiment kits, science puzzles, glow-in-the-dark ceiling stickers, goggles, a child-sized lab coat.

5th grade: Family Fitness

Suggested items: Water bottles, fitness DVDs, books on healthy family activities (hikes, outdoor vacations, etc.), dumbbells, passes to local gyms and other fitness facilities (like roller-skating rinks).

6th grade (Mr. Lawrence rotation): Summer Fun

Suggested items: Beach towels, beach toys, balls, sunblock, sunglasses, gift cards to mini golf or other summer activities, yard toys (Frisbee, plastic bowling pins), bubbles, sidewalk chalk.

6th grade (Ms. Kish rotation): All Sports

Suggested items: Balls (baseball, basketball, football, soccer), tickets to local sporting events, gift card to a sporting goods store, Frisbee, sports-team-theme apparel (shirts, hats, etc.) and blanket, water bottle, sports-theme books and board games

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ORLANDO SCIENCE SCHOOL- TECHNOLOGY CAMPUS is happy to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. This year, classrooms have selected a Hispanic country. Teachers, students and parents will be preparing a beautiful exhibit of each country’s culture.

Teachers are kindly asking parents to volunteer to help with decoration and food for the night of the big celebration.

Hispanic Heritage Night

Come and enjoy music, art and little bites! Tour around the classrooms at your own leisure and discover the cultures behind Hispanic countries.

We will also have a Mexican food truck with very reasonable prices.

When: September 27th, 2018

What time: 6:00 to 7:30 pm

Where: Orlando Science School – Technology Campus

Please RSVP using this link:

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Important school Reminders

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Orca's Core Values

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Student Coupons, Deals, and Promotions

Get Off the Ground at Aerospace Discovery Day- FREE admission

Florida Air Museum

October 20th 2018
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Kennedy Space Center - Free Admission

The Space Center is offering free admission to 5th graders NOW through the end of December.

Please see the flyer below for promotion details.

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Costa Rica 2019

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OSS Expansion Project

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