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Why 22?

We took a long, hard look at the network marketing industry and we found that most companies charge prices that many of their customers consider to be unfair. When prices are too high, associates and customers will drop out, which makes residual income something that most network marketers only dream about.

People get involved with network marketing so they can one day retire in comfort and not have to work until the day they die, so we looked at every business model we could find in order to create the perfect opportunity where average people can earn above average incomes and eventually leave a legacy to their children and grandchildren.

In our research, one business model stood out above all the rest and we have set out to bring to network marketing, the same business model that Sam Walton used to outsell his top five competitors combined.

Our goal is to be the “Discount Leader” like a Wal-Mart to the Network Marketing industry, by offering high quality products at the lowest possible prices, and at the same time offering the fairest compensation plan to ever hit the industry.

You can remain commission qualified by purchasing any one of our high quality products each month for just $22. That is a first in the industry! This allows people on a fixed income to enjoy the benefits of our life – enhancing products and at the same time provides them the opportunity to supplement their income or replace it altogether.

No longer will you have to make a major decision, like not paying a utility bill to make your monthly product purchase, in order to remain commission qualified with your company.

Now you know the meaning of “$22”.