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Friday, October 14, 2016

Halloween Party

The link below will take you to the sign-ups for the Halloween Party. We'll be celebrating on Monday, October 31st. This will be a time for the kids to kick back and enjoy some treats. Please note that all foods have to be purchased from a store or bakery. Those of contributing veggies, if you send them in, we'll wash and cut. There is an "other" slot just in case there is something you and your child would like to contribute, but is not listed. Thank you for your generosity!

Parent Conferences

Below is the link to sign up to meet with me! Only 7 parents have signed up........

Longhouse Project

The kids will begin building on Monday! Today, they spent time planning their project. Their homework this weekend is to check in with the adults at home to make sure they can bring in the supplies. Please send in materials on Monday. Low temperature glue guns will be used to hold the bark in place. Below is a picture of the "skeleton" of the longhouse. This should be a lot of fun!
Big image


The mini sprouters are in full gear! Check out the picture below. We added water to the seeds on Tuesday and now we already have roots. The kids have been making daily observations to chart the changes they see in the seeds. Each sprouter has bean seeds, corn seeds, sunflower seeds, and pea seeds.
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ELA/Social Studies

We spent more time working with plot elements this week. I read the story Chrysanthemum aloud to the kids and we charted the parts of the story starting with the problem and ending with the resolution. Yesterday and today they worked independently to chart the parts of Chipmunk and Bear as told by Joseph Bruchac.

Next week our focus will be on summarizing!

Today the students worked to rewrite their answers to the assessment that was sent home Wednesday. Those rewrites will earn extra points! I'll let you know how they do with that next week. Next Friday, the end of unit assessment will be given. The kids will be assessed on summarizing, character traits, and theme.

Please be sure to ask your 4th grader for Ruby Holler updates!


Mrs. Closes's Class ~ We finished up the Module 2 lessons today. The students are bringing home a review guide that was completed and corrected in class. This mirrors the assessment that will be given on Monday. The first CML competition will be given during the week of November 3rd. Keep those corrected Exit Tickets coming my way!

October Book Orders

New orders are in Friday Folders! They are due next Friday, October 21st.