3 Ideas with which I agree and disagree with.

3 Ideas that I agree with
  • It is easier to join university in other European countries. In European Union, most of the countries charge their students with a small registration fee. Also other countries have a lot cheaper education, compared to Lithuania. Students get a use of flexible loan system, that helps students to earn enough money to pay.
  • Studying is not equally accessible to everyone. Lithuanian universities are way too expensive and some courses are much more expensive than others . Because in our country, tuition fee is a fine for poor study results. He who opens a school door, closes a prison - Victor Hugo.
  • University diplomas are bought and sold. If you have money, you just pay up and serve the time. Who cares if you are not qualified and don't have the brain for it. Weaker universities, in order to survive, accept students who perform very poorly academically but pay high fees.

  • 3 Ideas that I disagree with

  • Low quality of universities. There are many universities in Lithuania that are highly developed and have newest technologies to work with. Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself - Chinese proverb.
  • When one student pays for studies and other does not it is discrimination. People should pay money to help universities , but those fees should be highly reduced. Only students who are getting above average grades should not pay a cent.
  • System that requires people to pay tuition when they fail exams should be used in Lithuania. I think that this system is only going to give more stress to students. It is also going to increase number of people that are going to quit in the middle of courses. Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils - Hector Berlioz
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What are my plans after high school

I am planning to take five exams: math, physics, Lithuanian, English and information technology. After high school graduation I would like to study abroad, but also I am thinking about Kaunas Technology University. I am going to study something that involves physics like electrical or mechanical engineering. These specialties require math,physics and Lithuanian exams.

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