Indigenous Australians

The Eora Mob


The Eora tribe is a group of indigenous people of Australia. They live in the state named as New South Wales.


The Eora tribe is in NSW Sydney, Australia, near Parramatta and close to Botany Bay.

Where the Name Came From

They identified themselves as Eora, meaning 'the people'. It came from the word Ee-(meaning yes) and Ora-(meaning here or this place).


The Eora people were dwellers and lived mainly near the sea to hunt for food in the ocean. They were experts in close-to-shore navigation, fishing, cooking and eating in the bays and harbours in their bark canoes. The Eora people did not grow fruits, plants or vegetables. Their traditional territory spreads from the Georges River and all the way to Port Jackson(Sydney harbour), north to Pittwater at the mouth of the Hawksbury River and also west along the river to Parramatta.


The Eora language has been made from the story notes by the original commonist, although there has possibly not been a continual oral tradition for over 100 years. Their language is called Eora or Dharuk.

How do they live

The indigenous tribe called Eora built huts to live in, they used many, many sticks, bark from trees and also leaves to keep them safe.


The Eora tribe eats seafood such as shellfish(oysters, clams and muscles),fish, eels, eggs,snakes, kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas, possums, insects, birds as well as plant materials like berries and roots. They get all this food near the ocean and also in the forest.


The Eora tribe's art is done in their land, they do their art on barks of trees. They used many different colours to paint their paintings such as a golden coloured brown, dark brown and sometimes an orange colour as well.


The Eora people used weapons and spears to hunt for their food. To hunt for food the Eora tribe hid in bushes, then once they found their prey they will jump out and kill it.


Bennelong was a man who was part of the Eora tribe. He was born in 1764 and he died on the 3rd of January 1813.
In December 1792 he sailed with Captain Arthur Phillip to England where he was presented as King George lll.


The people of Eora are the traditional caretakers of the land that stretches along the coast from South Head inland to Petersham. The word Eora was used by the indigenous Australians from Sydney to describe where they came from to the colonists.

Written by:

Elisha & Kanaida