Guided Writing

Students retell what they read and write.

DRA Levels 4-8

Dictated or Open Ended Sentences

Dictate a sentence that incorporates new sight word. Students repeat sentence and write into their journals. Students are prompted to stretch sounds in words. Allow students to apply the skills you have taught such as endings, blends, vowels combinations.

DRA Levels 10-16

Beginning-Middle-End (B-M-E).

Write 3-5 sentences about the story. First describes something that happened at beginning. The next 2 sentences describes something that happened in the middle.

The last describes something that happens in the end.

Somebody-Wanted-But-So (S-W-B-S)

Write a one sentence summary using the S-W-B-S. Somebody (Who), Wanted (What did this character want?), But (But what happened), So (so how did it end?)

Casey wanted a new doll but she didn't have any money so she asked her mom to help her earn money.

DRA Levels 18-34

  • Retelling using B-M-E. Write 3 paragraphs summarizing important events that occurred.
  • Summarizing with a Five-Finger retell. Paragraph 1 includes characters (thumb), setting (index finger), and problem ( tall finger). Paragraph 2 describes the major events (ring finger) that led to solving problem. Paragraph 3 includes the solution to the problem and other events that happened at the end (little finger).
  • Summarizing using S-W-S-B (Somebody Wanted But So).
  • Retelling using events and details. Write a paragraph that includes several events related to the event.
  • Describing a characters feelings. Write a short paragraph describing the problem, the characters feelings at the point in the story, the solution to the problem and the characters feelings at the end.