Staff Appreciation is Almost Here

Mark your calendars!

The special week is coming soon! How can you say "Thank You, Thank you, Thank You"?

The Most Admired Teacher by Joanna Fuchs

The most admired teacher

Would be caring, kind and smart.

He'd always have his students'

Best interests in his heart.

She'd help us love to learn.

Her lessons would be clear.

She'd motivate with praise,

And always be sincere.

She'd be upbeat and supportive,

And a great role model too.

She'd be the perfect teacher;

She'd be just like you!

Week Long Festivities for our Wonderful Staff! May 6-10, 2013

Staff Appreciation Week!

Monday- Coffee!

Tuesday- Notes to staff from students. Please contact room parent for details!

Wednesday-Spa Day

Thursday- Flowers for Staff. Please contact room parents for details!

Friday- Luncheon. Do you have goodies to share? Sign up for items at