Touch Screen

All about Touch Screen

Brief overview of touch screen

Touch screen is a revolutionary piece of tec and has benefited our lives in many things that we do. touch screen was invented all the way back in 1965!!!! and has been improved every decade until the present day. the first mass produced touch screen tec was on the I phone. even though it isn't a proper touch screen. touch screen is actually where the screen bend because you have to put pressure on it. the I phone screen is heat sensitive so it picks up the heat from your hand. this isn't considered a "touch screen"

Touch screen or not Touch screen

Is it touch screen?

Is your screen touch screen. if you have an apple product then you wont have a touch screen, you will have a heat sensitive screen. When the touch screen was fist invented you had to apply some pressure and the screen would bend, like you were going to "touch" something. This is where it got its name.