SeaWorld ,

The Lies They Tell .


In the documentary Blackfish by Gabriela Couperthwaite, she shows that SeaWorld covers up their stories so people won't judge them and would still come to SeaWorld through stock footage of attacks on travelers and interviews with travelers.

Defining The Purpose

In Blackfish it starts out with the trainers who died. Then they give interviews with the trainers who are still alive. They make up good stories about SeaWorld. They even blame it on the trainers fought on how they died. Even people who aren't trainers they cover up there stories.


Blackfish is apparently bias in the film. They lie in the film to cover up the story and to continue to make money. They also help trainers believe that lying is ok and right so they can keep their job. SeaWorld doesn't want to lose their business so they do was necessary to keep their job.