Evaluate a website using the C.A.R.S. Strategy

The strategy...C.A.R.S.


Evidence of credibility and reliability of content are important.


Information needs to be up to date, factual, detailed, exact, and comprehensive.


Reasonableness involves examining the information for fairness, objectivity, and moderation.


Support and evidence for the writer’s argument from other sources strengthens their credibility.

The checklist...


* What is the website's perspective/point of view?

* Who/what is left out or seems to be missing from the website?

* Do you agree with the points the website is making? WHY do you agree/disagree?

* Are the points made by the website supported by evidence? What evidence is given?

* Is the evidence credible? What are the sources of the evidence?

* Does the website use valid reasoning? Is the website reasonable?

* Does the website present a balanced picture of the issue?

* How would you describe the “tone” of the website?

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The Task..."Save the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus"

* Visit the website provided in the link below.
* Use the C.A.R.S. strategy as you read the content of the site.
* Complete your paper copy of the checklist.
* Write any notes/thoughts/ideas you want on the bottom of your checklist.
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