by: Aydan Howison and Lauren Spencer


*Confucianisms main belief is the golden rule "treat others the way you want to be treated.They think this is a guide on ones way to treat others

*that being Confucius creates a bond between humans and nature

*virtues (behavior showing high moral standards)




4)hard work


*they also believe in social relations

.ruler over subject

.husband over wife

.Older sibling over younger sibling

.older friend over younger friend

* have no extremist they think you either believe or not


The moon comes forth, bright in the sky;
A lovelier sight to draw my eye
Is she, that lady fair.
She round my heart has fixed love's chain,
But all my longings are in vain.
'Tis hard the grief to bear.

The moon comes forth, a splendid sight;
More winning far that lady bright,
Object of my desire!
Deep-seated is my anxious grief;
In vain I seek to find relief;
While glows the secret fire.
The rising moon shines mild and fair;
More bright is she, whose beauty rare
My heart with longing fills.
With eager wish I pine in vain;
O for relief from constant pain,
Which through my bosom thrills!

This poem represents confusion because confusion's main belief is to be true to your feelings and emotions and to treat others the way you would treat yourself. This poem describes how this person is honest to themselves about their feelings about this person and is saying good things about this person instead of bad things that would tear them down.

consulting the I Chang (art)

Based on on rituals dating from 3000 B.C.E divination is fundamental to traditional Chinese life.Because of the changing relationship between Yin and Yang forces in the universe, the I Chang depends on the reading of 64 hexagrams made up of unbroken/ broken line segments .

Current event

In China children ages of three to six years old go to weekend classes to learn about Confucius. Each class room has a big portrait of Confucius so the children know what he might have looked like. the children must wear a a wraparound grey robe with Velcro as a uniform. Some teachers use fun chasing games and singing while others use complex Chinese character's on flash cards that the children recite from the Great teacher. this allows the young ones to learn more about who they believe in.