Andi's 5th Annual Oscars Party

I dare you to stay up until midnight on a Sunday ;)

A Classy Tradition and Farewell Gathering.

Prepare your speeches. Perfect your paparazzi pout. Don your red carpet attire (or Sunday best) and confidently cast your vote amidst an array of champagne bubbles and good company!

Since one of my favorite things is seeing people I love come together, I'd delight in the privilege to gather one last time before I embark on yet another national tour in March.

Bring a beverage or snack to share - this year's soiree is going to be more on the chill-esque side, but no less classy than previous years!

Drop in or stay for the whole occasion. Guests are welcome. RSVPs are also welcome ;)

Sunday, Feb. 24th 2013 at 7:30pm

225 I St NE

Washington, DC

I live in Apartment 408 in Concord, the eastern tower of Senate Square Towers.

Look up my name in the electronic directory in between the sets of double doors and I can let you in when you call.

Arrive as early as 7:30, Academy Awards start at 8pm. We will likely head to the Club Room for the festivities around that time. (Club Room is located in the center concierge building in between the two towers.) Contact me with any questions!