Push and pulls

Religious persecution

12,000 people killed in a cycle of violence between Christians and Muslims stretching back more than a decade in Nigeria.

Ethnic persecution

A. Brazil

B. Racism like if there is a white person in that country he might go to a different country.

C. United States, Canada

Environmental factors

A. Zimbabwe

B. Poor living conditions generate the urge to migrate. Many leave their homes because there are not enough fertile pastures and arable land, food, water, work or other fundamental requirements.

C. China, Japan, United States

Economic motives

A. Soviet Union

B. The population grows while economic development stagnates. The enormous rate of population growth and the poor perspectives for economic development in some regions give rise to a tremendous migratory pressure.

C. United States, India


Political factors

A. Madagascar

B. There are often political factors involved in why some countries remain poor, and one of those is bad government. Governments need to do lots of things to encourage development.

C. United States, India, Italy


Forced migration

A. London

B. Since the end of the Cold War, forced migration has been a phenomenon largely affecting developing countries.

C. United States, china