Trojan Weekly Vol. 2

A Great Place To Learn!

Week One In The Books

Dear Families,

I hope your week was as great as mine. It was amazing to see so many happy students, staff members and parents. Below is some information you may find useful.

Tuesday August 24 - On site hearing testing

Thursday August 26 - Back to School Night

Friday August 27 - No School for Students

Josh O'Geen


Back To School Night, Meet & Greet

On Thursday August 26th, AME will be transforming the upper parking lot into a "Meet & Greet" from 5:30-6:30 PM. There will be tables dedicated to each teacher, so you can stroll along and chat. While we know our students love to be on campus to learn and play, this event is for adults only and the playground will be closed. This way our teachers will be able to give their undivided attention and minimize numbers to allow for social distancing. I look forward to seeing everyone. Please park in the Fenney Parking Lot and arrive between 5:30 and 6:15 PM.

Welcome Back

August is an exciting time, but can also be a bit crazy. Getting back in the swing of things can be tough and our staff will be busy teaching and re-teaching the norms of our school community. You can help us by going through the student parent handbook with your child. As a staff we pride ourselves on being sensitive to the needs of our students and families. Feel free to give me any feedback, your thoughts are valued. When we work together as a team our school functions at its best.

A Little Help Goes A Long Way

Read, Read, Read - Reading with your child is an invaluable way to spend quality time together on a daily basis. In addition to other long-term benefits, reading together can also be a practical way to discern his/her reading level.

Connect- Communicating with your child's teacher on a regular basis is an essential part of caring for his/her education. Teachers can alert you to any emotional, social, or academic difficulties they perceive in your child at school. The same works in reverse: notify teachers about changes that might affect your child's behavior in school.

Week Two

Monday, Aug. 23rd, 8am

196 Pennsylvania Gulch Road

Murphys, CA