Woodstock Public Schools Update

Roof Project

We are having a final conference call to wrap up the roof project. Bill Bartlett, our clerk of the works, has a short list of items for the contractor to clean up at the elementary school. He also has an extensive list of unused materials (shingles, insulation, polyboard, sheet metal) that should result in thousands of dollars of credits to the town.

Jenna is getting close

We have finalized our paperwork with Joyce Gresh and she is ready to take over at a moment's notice for Jenna. There is a possibility that she may be induced as early as this weekend!

Leslie Sweetnam

I was stopped in the parking lot yesterday afternoon by Leslie Sweetnam. As a bus driver he is very impressed with DATTCO and their professionalism. He praised their commitment to safety and the regular safety training they provide for all of the drivers. It was nice to get his positive feedback.

Special Education Update

Jocelyn and Krysten, our special education secretary, are slowly but surely addressing multiple non compliance issues identified by the CT Department of Education. Jocelyn is having to backtrack and follow up with several families to correct any errors listed by the state. I have included a brief sampling of some of the issues below:

Within the scope of the Student File Review Process, the BSE has identified instances of student-level noncompliance that require your corrective action. Those instances are itemized below. The following section requires your action.

Evidence of finding: Primary findings are based upon a review of each student’s annual review IEP in effect on October 1, 2015. For citations requiring a review of additional material for subsequent verification, such reviews were conducted.

1. Statement of finding:

Regulatory citation(s) and Finding: 34 CFR Section 300.300(b)(1) requires that a student’s file contain documentation that parents consented to the initial provision of special education. For the student with SASID number ######, evidence was not submitted that indicated that this requirement was met.

2. Statement of finding:

Regulatory citation(s) and Finding: 34 CFR Section 300.321(e)(1-2) requires that, for an IEP created by a PPT that did not include all of the mandated members, the student’s file includes documentation that the team member was excused and the PPT was allowed to be conducted. For the student with SASID number ######, the student’s special education teacher was not present at the PPT and evidence was not submitted that indicated that this requirement was met.

3. Statement of finding:

Regulatory citation(s) and Finding: 34 CFR Section 300.320(a)(1) requires that the IEP includes a statement of how the student’s disability affects his/her involvement and progress in the general education curriculum or participation in appropriate activities. For the student with SASID number ###### that requirement was not met.

Arsenic Filter

LaFramboise has installed the ferric oxide media for the arsenic filter at the middle school. Updated test results should be available by Friday afternoon. Total cost should come to around $11,000 when all is said and done.

School Climate Committees

Wendy and Jenna have been doing extensive work on updating our school climate plans and have had meetings with their building committees. One of the focuses has been to implement a tiered discipline plan that provides for consistency on a K-8 basis.

New Staff Bios

Heather Clarke

Heather Clarke has lived in the Quiet Corner her whole life. After getting her bachelor's degree in Elementary Education, she continued on to earn her masters in Special Education. After working for 5 years as an Instructional Assistant, Heather took a job as a special education teacher at Killingly High School, where she continued working for 4 years. During that time, she also took on being the student council advisor and the Unified Sports assistant coach. This year, Heather is working as a special education teacher in the 7th and 8th grades at Woodstock Middle School. She has also taken on the role of student council advisor for WMS.

Ashley Harrington

Hello, my name is Ashley Harrington. I grew up in Woodstock and attended Woodstock Public Schools and Woodstock Academy. I worked in Brooklyn at The Learning Clinic for 10 years; nearly 6 as a teacher. During this time, I taught grades 2-7 with students with emotional and behavioral disorders and learning disabilities. I currently live in Pomfret Center with my husband, Ian, and three children, Will, Isla and Thomas. I am excited to be back in Woodstock and serving such a wonderful community!

Special Events

Grade 7 Boston Massacre Mock Trial - Room 204

Friday, Oct. 14th, 8:30am

Woodstock Middle School

Fridayis our mock trial of the Boston Massacre. We are running trials between 8:40 and 11:07 and from 12:45-2:17. Please stop by to watch a little if you get a chance.

Fire Prevention Day

Wednesday, Oct. 19th, 9am-3pm

Woodstock Elementary School

The Woodstock Volunteer Fire Department will be spending a good part of the day at the elementary school. Dick Baron will meet with each homeroom, followed by the students touring some of the vehicles out behind the school. It's always a great day.