How much did you lose to Boss Tweed

July 2nd 1877, by Cinnamon Roe

He was convivcted of stealling up to $45 million

Everyone has heard of the beautiful courthouse being built on Chambers Street. It was started in 1861 and it has long gone passed the point when it was supposed to be done and it is still being built! The $30,000 the courthouse was supposed to cost, has since disappeared and the total has gone high, almost $11 million so far. Of that $11 million, $6 million was believed to have been given to Tweed as kickback cash. The rest of the money he is believed to have stolen came from other projects he has worked on. He would only give contracts to people if they gave him kickback cash. He got one of his "friends" elected as mayor through fraud and bribery and had his friend elect him to senator. One of his political enemies gave boxes and boxes of reports detailing the corruption to The New York Times. He was arrested yesterday and today found guilty of many count of corruption, fraud, bribery, and many other things. All of the kickback cash he was arrested for taking was from the state and taxes on the people. So how much Money did he steal from you?

Follow Up

Many of the ways Boss Tweed got his money have been blocked so nothing like this can happen again. The Federal Reserve watches all transactions for kickback many or bribery or inflated prices. The 16th Amendment put income cash on all people and the 17th amendment has all senator elected and the Pendleton Serves Act stops the patronage system, so no people can get jobs as a bribe.