Say "no!" to Marijuana (Cannabis)

By: Aisha Naureen and Kait Minor

What is the classification of this drug?

Marijuana is actually a depressant! It slows your heart down, and messages being sent to, and from the brain. This results in making the user relaxed.

What are the initial effects from using this drug?

It relieves stress, and slows down heart rate. However, there are negative effects as well. Marijuana can leave the user with anxiety or fear, stress, and, make them extremely emotional.

What are the long-term health consequences from using this drug?

It can impact the respiratory system, increase the risk of mental health problems, and increase the risk of problems with an unborn baby.

What is the use of this drug? Is there medical use?

There is medical use for marijuana, being used by cancer patients to ease pain, relieve stress, or to regain their appetite (if in stage four cancer).

What things can happen under the influence of marijuana?

Many incidents, like a car crash, if you were to get behind the wheel of a car, or making bad choices due to the result of bad judgement.
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Can you overdose on marijuana?

It is VERY unlikely for someone to overdose or die from marijuana, considering the fact that there have been *NO* reported deaths from marijuana. But, do take into consideration, that just because the drug doesn't kill you, it does not mean you are safe.
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What consequences lay before you, if you were to get caught.

Being caught with marijuana would cause you to get sent to jail for one year. Any other illegal hard-core drugs would get you multiple.
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