stop the priority !!!


help us stop priority by helping one ever other like help the homeless out don't just walk pass them like they are not even there that's messed up in so many ways. Like no never no what happen to them like they might be crazy or wired but no matter they are still people like me in u. And I'm so tried of seeing all of these Abanded buildings those can be turned in to house or some type of business they will help the community out.


And just cause a person stay in a big fantasy house dose not mean they are better then everybody else. And people that stay in poor house dose not mean they are really poor it just means they do not want to show off what god has give to them unlike others. Baselly people that stay in those kinda of house they are strilling just like the slow class is like don't judge a person off of what they got or have. Don't talk down on them either because you never no what a person going through rich or slow class we are all people and no one is better then the other person we are all the same.