Anne Frank

The Diary

Friends and Family is the key to Life

The theme friends and family is the key to life is shown throughout The Diary of Anne Frank. When Hitler ruled Germany he decided all Jews were awful and cause of everything bad. He would send them to death camps and concentration camps, both you were treated horribly and most likely killed. Many of them would hide or run away but very few would not get caught, like the Franks.The Franks had known a Dutch woman named Miep; she worked in an office that had an attic that no one used, so she offered the Franks to live there until war was over. They could not use their own ration cards or they could’ve got caught, so Miep found a guy that sold them. Mrs. Frank said “It’s illegal, then, the ration books? We’ve never done anything illegal” Miep had risked her life and had done things that could have got her in trouble to keep her friends safe. Friends and family are the key to life because when they were all getting restless and bored they would have each other to play and mess around, Anne said, “I only want some fun… Someone to laugh and clown with” (382). Anne had taken one of Peter’s shoes and he would chase her around. Another example of Friends and family is the key to life is, Anne felt like her mom did not like her and liked Margot better, Anne exclaimed, “Everything she does is right, and everything I do is wrong” (389). Mrs. Frank had felt bad that Anne felt that way so she apologized.

We Must be Strong no Matter What Obstacle Comes our Way

We must be strong no matter what obstacle comes our way is shown throughout The Diary of Anne Frank. Anne was having bad dreams of Nazi’ coming. She would scream and cry because of the nightmare. Mr. Dussel exclaimed “Every night she twists and turns. I don’t sleep. I spend half my night shushing her” (398). People in the annex would be woken up in the middle of the night and they were not too happy. Being strong no matter what obstacle comes your way is good because, when war started getting worse and there were no signs of it ending soon, Miep did not show up as often with their rations, Dussel said “For three days now Miep hasn’t come to see us” (430). Everyone had been arguing, and things started to seem off. Another example of being strong no matter what come our way is, food was starting to go faster and faster and they all thought it was a mouse, but it wasn’t. It was Mr. Van Daan. Dussel exclaimed, “You dirty thief… Stealing food” (424). People were not very happy and wanted to kick the Van Daan’s out.