All About Me

Cassie Puchades

Favorite people

My Mom and my Dad are my favorite people just because they influence me to do good in school and accomplish my goals in life.

Important belongings

The three most important things to me are 1 my phone just because it's very useful, my wallet just in case I'm hungry or need money, my ring because it was given to my by my parents .

Favorite smell

One of my favorite smells is the smell of a brand new car.

My Motto

The motto that keeps me going is no matter what happens keep going because in the long run everything is going to be ok.


One of my favorite quotes is " If you give up, it means you never wanted it." so since it says that you have to keep going for what you wanted.


Dependable because I'm always there for other people when they need someone. Funny because I can make someone laugh if there feeling down in the day. I'm also out going because 1 reason I'm Puerto Rican were loud people so if there was a party best believe I will be there to entertain.


My menu for me would be . Breakfast is waffles, lunch macorni and cheese, dinner Spanish food at long as it's Spanish food I'm good and for dessert would be mint chocolate chip ice cream in a waffle cone.


My 5 favorite songs are . Fantasy by Chris brown, no love by August Alsina, shot for me by Drake, Dont by Bryson tiller, and no matter what by Furture.

Big event.

Olympic Games Open in Australia. (09-15-2000, 10 Records)


Five goals I want to achieve in my life is

1. Have a good job

2. My dream car

3. A family

4.To succeed in general

5.Move to California

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