Animal Control

Micayla Moynihan

Career Description

Works to maintain public health standards by making communities safe for both people and animals. Officers often respond to calls from citizens about stray animals, suspected animal cruelty or deceased animals. Sometimes, officers have to capture or rescue animals, but other times they administer warnings or citations to citizens suspected of animal cruelty and mistreatment.

Education and Training

You'll need your High School diploma or GED. Also, you will need experience with working with animals. You can get this experience working at shelters. Your employer might have you complete some training before or after they hire you. Some other requirements include; being physically fit in order to track down and capture animals and you must know the "rules" and the law when it comes to capturing animals or taking them out of their homes.

Typical Day in this field

They wake up and go to their station and when they receive a call they go to the house or area that the animal is at to investigate. They look for signs of neglect and abuse. If they find these things they then go back to their station to either get a warrant saying they are aloud to take the animal(s) or they contact the owner of the animal(s) and tell them the things needed to be done in order for them to keep these animals. After a week or two they go back to the residence to check up and make sure everything is up to standard. If it isn't then they are able to remove these animals from their owners.


The salary of people who are animal control vary based on location, industry, experience, company and benefits. An average salary for these workers is said to be $49,000.

Job Demographics

This is very popular field and is spread across many states. Odds are you will have to live in a place where there are animals. Which many people own pets so it wouldn't be that hard to find a place of employment for this field.