What is Perserverance

Perseverance is defined as doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. I believe that Eleanor Roosevelt , Winston Churchill, and Jackie Robinson are true example of that because no matter what life throw at them they still overcame it with a lot of determination and perseverance.

Eleanor Roosevelt

The first lady, wife, and world rewound speaker. Those are some things Mrs. Roosevelt was called and what she did. Those are amazing accomplishments she has done, but getting there was really hard because of all the adversities she had to face. But no matter what she never gave up. When she was younger everyone even her parents use to tease her about her looks and call her ugly duckling. But no matter how much it hurt she turned the other cheek and walked away. Looks didn't matter to her but getting good grades and she did that exactly. She eventually went to collage and met her husband Franklin D. Roosevelt. She married him but eventually found out he was having an affair with another women. After all these adversities she had goo through she decided to get away from the by talking around the world about problems that need to be addressed. I believe that is a true example of perseverance.
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Winston Churchill

Never give in. Never give in. never, never, never,--in nothing great or small, large or pretty... Those were the famous words Mr. Winston Churchill said in a time of crisis when London was getting bombed to rubble by Nazi Germany. It was a scary time for London during WW2 because there was bombings everywhere. No matter how hard he wanted to bomb back he didn't because he knew he had to be strong and brave and let the citizens know that they would be ok. He was right Nazi Germany eventually invaded Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union in 1941, Britain was no longer the target. If he would have gave in the Nazi might have invaded Britain and it would have changed the course of Britain. But, because he dint and no else the country was saved!

Jackie Robinson

There goes another home run for Jackie Robinson, everyone cheers and the crowd goes wild. If only it was that simple. Jackie Robinson was the first African American baseball player to play in the Major Leagues. His way to getting there was not easy for him or this teammates. Everywhere the team went they got a lot of hate because they had a black player. Some hotels would not accept them so they had to find somewhere else to stay. When Jackie came up to bat people would boo and the pitchers use to purposely hit him. But no matter what they did he never gave in. Eventually people started to accept him but they would have not if he gave in and did something he would have regretted. He is now remembered as perseverance pioneer.
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