Sundae Sunday Jewelry Bar

Ice Cream Sundaes on Sunday!

You are cordially invited!

This event is my personal "Launch Party" for my new business as a Independent Designer for Origami Owl, a social selling jewelry company that features a Signature line that is called a

"Living Locket"TM.

The Lockets are custom made to open and hold interchangeable charms and plates.

They also offer a variety of Chains, Dangles and Tags.

Sundae Sunday Jewelry Bar

Sunday, Feb. 10th 2013 at 2-5pm

At my home In Nuevo, California * Please RSVP for Location


This is my own personal "Launch Party" for my new business as an Independent Designer for Origami Owl, a social selling, custom jewelry company. They offer a Signature piece called a "Living Locket" that opens and holds interchangeable Charms and Plates. They also have Chains that will hold a variety of Dangles and Tags.

I am inviting you to come and check out what I have and enjoy some Ice Cream while you're here.

Please do not use the excuse that you may have no financial means to purchase anything on that day. I am just asking that, when you are able to afford something, you will think of me and know what I have.

I am wanting to have a fairly accurate idea of how much Ice Cream to have on hand so please RSVP as soon as you can.

Email me at:

Facebook me, or call 951-623-3873

I'm looking forward to seeing (or meeting you) there.

Come Join Our Team

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Take advantage of this opportunity while the year is still young.

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