Brewster School Newsletter

October 14, 2016

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Please share your shout-outs with me so everyone can be recognized.
  • To Cathy Barra for volunteering to chair the Solnit Gift Collection this year.
  • To Laura, Brewster's new Sunshine member, for suggesting popcorn day.
  • To Mrs. Lonsdale's class for writing and sharing the kindness pledge.
  • To the regular education teacher assistants for being flexible with all the schedule changes that were made this week.
  • To the grade 1 - 3 teachers for your understanding when your assistant times changed this far into the school year.
  • To Jenn, Mary Beth and Maura L. for being the first to schedule their informal observations.
  • To Jessica for switching her music time to help us out when we were short a sub.

From Kristin

  • To Alex and Laura for welcoming the idea of a student acting as their "assistant" on Wednesday.

From Maura L

  • To Paula for untangling the very tangled chrome book head phones as students were logging on.
  • To Laura for switching specials.


  • All new assistant schedules will begin on Monday morning. If any issues arise while following them please let me know.
  • Good news - Christie Fournier will be here full-time to work with our kindergarten students.
  • We are taking suggestions on local charity donations for our Jean Day money. Our first donation was made to the Connecticut Chapter of Alzheimers. Jo was on a team that participated in a fund raiser and we contributed to that fund. Please email your suggestions to Patti.
  • Time to begin thinking about doing your first informal evaluation. Please schedule your informal with Patti for some time in October.
  • PLC meetings can begin examining data next week.


I hope most of you have had time to review the Brewster Staff Handbook. If you have any questions please let me know.

A question came up about finding coverage for duties when you know you will be out for professional reasons.

In the past, individuals have been wonderful about switching duties when needed.

There are not “extra” people here this year to do lunch and recess duties so when we are short we ask for volunteers to assist. I truly appreciate when individuals volunteer to do an extra duty.

The office understands that you can't always find someone to switch. This is never a problem. Please just let Patti know and we will ask for a volunteer.

Thank you all for your flexibility and kindness in regards to this.

Important Dates

Please put these dates on your calendar:
  • October 17 - Safety Day
  • October 21 - ADCO (rescheduled)
  • October 25 - Kindergarten field trip to Rose's Berry Farm, 10-2
  • October 27 - First PBIS assembly, 8:50 in the gym
  • October 28 - Halloween parade and celebrations


  • We will pledge Courage on Friday, October 21st. Wear purple.
  • If you are willing to be a Brewster Buck counter please let Sandy know. We are looking for one or two more.
  • Patti is collecting copies of your assessment reports. Please drop them off in the office.
  • Fire drill next week.
  • There have been several confidential documents left on the printers and copiers in the building. If you are printing a confidential document, please retrieve it immediately from the printer.

Noteworthy News

  • Sandy's daughter, Shannon, was chosen among the Top 30 Professionals Under 30 in Nashville. The finalist will be named early next year.
  • Congratulations to Kristin on the newcomer to her family. Kristin added a new pig to her farm. Can't wait to see photos.


  • Thank you to everyone who signed up to make birthday treats.
  • Sunshine sent plants to Scott Mongillo and Jen Nickle, who left Brewster. Sunshine will also be sending gifts to Katie Vandall and Gina Peach.
  • Carm's envelope will stay in the office until Tuesday if you would like to make a donation. Please remember to add your name to the list.