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May 2013

How many days left?

End of the school year is a stressful time for a teacher. I hear about teachers getting three months off and wonder what school district has 90 days off in the summer. Teachers realize our two months "off" of contract are spent preparing for the upcoming school year and professional development. For the many of us, we use the time off contract to grow professionally. Since our campus has already taken the LoTi (Levels of Teaching Innovation) Digital Age Survey, we can utilize the suggestions and results to help us plan our professional development. With results in hand, find sessions during the HPISD Technology Integration Academy and remember that the time earned during TIA can be used for HPISD Exchange Days.

Levels of Teacher Innovation: LoTi

To review your results:

Under member sign in, log in using your email as your username. The password you updated before taking the survey. If you are having trouble with your password, click the “need help signing in” link found directly under the password box. Once you are logged in, click the icon for “Review Recommended Resources.

Helpful hints when going over the results.:

Read the summary under each section.

Under Digital Age Results, the "Highest Level Priority" is the area you need to consider focusing on.

Under LoTi: Find your level-read about your level-then work towards reaching the next level. (LoTi Framework basic explanation

CIP Intensity (current instructional practices) (basic CIP info:

PCU: (Personal Computer Use):

At the end of your results page, you will find some of your “findings” and “goals” which should help you in your goal setting towards professional development. Your growth will not happen overnight but hopefully you will utilize the information this survey has provided.

Technology Integration Academy

Wednesday, June 5th, 8am to Thursday, June 6th, 4pm

4220 Emerson Avenue

Dallas, TX

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