Golden Gate Bridge

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Why was the golden gate bride built? When was amazing monument built?

Well, it was under construction for the first time in1993.( ) It was also built as sign triumph. They built it to make it easier for people to cross the San Francisco strait. Then finally, hat the end of the construction, it was time for the grand opening. On May 27, 1939 the Golden Gate Bridge had its grand opening,allowing people and cars alike to travel across the massive monument.

So, some of you may be wondering what the Golden Gate Bridge looks like, Well here are you answers.

The Golden Gate Bridge spand over a whopping 8,980' (2,737 m)

miles long and the width of the massive bridge is 90 ft or 27 miles wide.( )The bridge is also 220 feet high or 67 miles. The colors of the bridge include red, white, and silver. So there are a few facts on what the Golden Gate Bridge looks like.(

Well, we all know the Golden Gate Bridge is there, but do we ever recognize how or who put it there.

Well thanks to Joseph Strauss, Charles Alton Elis, and Irving Morrow we have this beutiful monument in our country. The bridge was a theatrical production based on Joseph Strauss name that was well known in theaters. There's also a plack for everyone who helped build the bridge with there name on it on the 13 post on the right on the Golden Gate Bridge. Then, Sadly Joseph died in 1938,Then Charles died in 1949, and finally, Irving died in 1952. So that is who built the Golden Gate Bridge.(
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So in conclusion,

So in conclusion , thanks to 3 men Joseph, Charles, and Irving we now have this massive monument that stands before us today. On the fantastic and historical day of 1937 the Golden Gate Bridge saw its first day open. The beautiful 8,980' (2,737 m) miles and 27 mile wide bridge fan ally found its day. So thanks to these people, we have one the worlds greatest monuments before us today. Thankfully, it still stands today for all to


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