Second Grade Specials

NFS Curriculum Update :: April, 2014


Second graders will investigate artist Alexander Calder's unique kinetic sculptures and whimsical mobiles. We will work with a menagerie of materials as students explore balance and movement while experimenting with shape color and object placement. Each student will create their own kinetic work of art.


Second grade will continue reading a mix or poetry and folktales, concentrating on folklore of Europe. We will talk about heroes and villains, and whether the “right” character is rewarded or punished in the various stories. Second graders, who are beginning to develop an awareness of folklore motifs, will identify patterns and make connections between folktales. To tie in with the quilt project, we will read The Patchwork Path, a story of the Underground Railroad.


The second graders will be finishing up our unit on the staff and notes in treble clef. We will also be starting a unit on jazz and musical theatre. Second grade has enjoyed reading biographies on Mozart, Duke Ellington, Beethoven, Scott Joplin, and George Gershwin. We recently started JS Bach. I believe Ella Fitzgerald will be a nice addition to this list!


In physical education class we will continue to develop our physical fitness and work on muscular strength with a focus on core. Our floor hockey unit begins with the basic introduction of how to hold and swing the stick as well as stick handling, passing and shooting. Following this introduction to floor hockey, we will turn our attention to juggling and how to juggle with one, two and hopefully three items at a time. Also, t-ball, baseball, and kickball will be presented and students will begin to learn and practice the skills associated with those games.


In April, we complete our Mini Medical School Unit with a guest speaker. NFS parent Kim Clabbers, an Orthopedic Surgeon, who will show us x-rays and listen to some of our medical experiences. Then every student will receive a piece of foam and learn to make a fiberglass cast, the same kind that you would receive if you broke a bone, as the culminating activity. We will also start our final unit of the year, Liquids and Solids. We start by describing some objects in the room, talking about what a property is and taking turns describing an object. Then we will investigate objects, a explore materials and examine why people choose certain materials for different objects. We finish the month exploring liquids and trying to name 8 different types. We will also explore how a consistent volume of liquid looks different in various containers, which is concept that students only truly comprehend at this age.


In April we will finish up our clothing unit with a culminating technology project that will push our Spanish reading and writing skills! Second graders will also be recording their voices as part of this project, adding a fun speaking component. As the month continues we will talk more about the four seasons and their characteristics. We will focus on Spring and learn lots of new vocabulary for things found in nature as well as warm-weather activities. Learning the activities will help us begin to talk about what we do and do not like to do. As always we will emphasize listening comprehension and speaking and we will continue to practice asking and answering basic questions in Spanish! We will also continue to practice reading and writing in Spanish as well. We work to practice all the skill areas.