Animal Rescue League Shelter

and Wildlife Center

Founded in 1909

Their Mission Statment

To provide temporary shelter, food, medical attention and comfort to neglected and injured animals; to restore lost animals to their owners or seek new homes for them and to educate the public about the humane care of animals.


Some History....

The founding of the Animal Rescue League goes back to the year 1909. On July 22, five animal lovers from Pittsburgh, Elizabeth F. Holmes, M.E. Zyderman, A.M. Wadsworth, R.W. Kennedy, and Mary Elizabeth had a brilliant idea. With a shared concern for both animal welfare and public health, these men and women came together to form an organization that would devote itself solely to the welfare of animals in the Pittsburgh area. These Pittsburghers sought to return lost dogs and cats to their owners while at the same time giving temporary shelter and food to lost and starving stray dogs and cats. In addition, their organization would secure a merciful and painless death for animals that are old, injured, diseased or dangerous. This group also desired to conduct a refuge farm for horses, dogs and cats. So begins the story of the organization that is now known as the Animal Rescue League of Western Pennsylvania.

Their outstanding character-

The founders of this program really are amazing people. They have big hearts and love what they are doing. The founders are really helping out the community too.

Contact Information


6620 Hamilton Avenue

Pittsburgh PA, 15206

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