Alaura Moreno


Getting There

Miles of clear blue water brown and wight sand covering the beaches with amazing waves coming to the sand while I realax. Maddie, Reagan and I went on 2 flights the first one was from Denver to Houston Teaxas and the second one was from Houston (5hours 30min layover) to Lauderdale.(2 hour layover). Each of our tikets were $881 so the total was $2643 for the plane tikets

Where to Stay

When we got to the Bahamas we took a cab to treasure cay we choose to stay at Abaco beach reasort. We stood for 9 nights each night was $290 so we spent $2610 all together on the hotel. At are hotel we are right by the pure blue beach we also have fun thing to do like tennis, swimming and golf. THe hotel we stayed at is more like an upper class It has 1 bathroom, 1 room and 2 beds and there is complementry breakfast in the lobby from 7:00 to 10:00. We had a very good say at the Abaco beach and there was very good reviwes at


We are going to swim visit beaches and realax we are going to visit two beaches called Cove Eleuthera and another one called Long Island. We also went golfing at are resort it cost for the walk in visit $100.00 we also went to a reastrant on a boat called cruise abaco it cost $50.00 a person to get on pluse whtever we ordered to eat on the boat. So on the boat we spent about $750.00. There was a really nice pool at are resort that is 10 ft. deep. The best thing of all was the spa we got a 50 (min) massage that coasts $95.00 and a mani/pedi for $75.00. All together on the activites we spent $1220.00
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We ran into a few problems there was alot of theift so we just decided to keep all of our stuff close to us. Alot of poeple search through other peopels stuff on the beach. The bahamas is a nice place but you have to carefull of all your stuff you bring with you anywhere.


About the Traveler

history and culture

*the bahamas is known for its beutifull clear blue water

*the bahamas is the top10 most butifull beaches

*The capital city is Nassau