Defend against cancer

The fight for survival


What I will be talking about today is cancer. Cancer is a big deal in the USA. About 66% is the average U.S. Survival rate. This means that 44% of the U.S citizens diagnosed with cancer do not survive. And sadly my own grandmother was not among that 66%, and this is one of my biggest motivations to start this memorial. I think the survival rate should be way higher. I personally want a cure for it all together and make the survival rate as close to 100% as possible. So, for my memorial I want to raise money for a cure and early detection for cancer.

Cancer effects everyone!

Most people think that if you never drink alcohol, or smoke that you will not be able to develop a form of cancer. This is not true. I believe this because cancer is not just one disease it is many. There are over 100 different types of cancer! Cancer is the uncontrollable growth of cells. Cells will grow when not needed, or not die when needed to. This causes something called a tumor. This all proves that anyone can develop a form of cancer. Although a healthy body does help a lot to prevent it, it does not make you immune.


I will create my monument in the capital of Kentucky which is Frankfort. I will create this monument in Kentucky because it is the state with the most deaths caused by all types of cancer in the U.S.A. This data is shown in the picture on the right. If the most deaths happen here than this will be the ideal place to put it. It will show that people are still fighting and we will not give up.


I want a memorial for cancer because it is a huge issue in the united states. I believe very strongly in this subject because my grandma was a victim to cancer. She did not survive. And I don't want anyone to have to endure the pain that she went through and all of her family. Because it does not just effect the person with the disease it effects all of the loved ones in there family.

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my hope and purpose for the memorial

I have many hopes and dreams for this memorial. that someday there will be almost a 100% survival rate for cancer. What i want is to have a memorial where there are a lot of rings attached to the memorial. in every open space there will be a ring. And what those rings are for is if you have or know someone with cancer you will take a lock and you will put your/ or there name on it. now hears the thing. if it they survive then you will come back one day and remove the lock with there name on it showing resemblance of you detaching from cancer. but if they do not survive then you will keep the lock there and keep the key to show they may have lost to cancer but they will still always be there. and you need to leave the lock there to show and have them never be forgotten.
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