Parent Updates

Friday, 8-20-21

Afternoon flagpole ended today.

All our flagpole parents received a letter yesterday about the elimination of the flagpole option in the afternoon. If you did not return the paper to your child's teacher with the new way home then you will need to email them to let them know the new way home. We are streamlining our dismissal process and allowing our teachers to do what they need to do which is plan engaging lessons. Your child's teacher's email address is their first, dot, last Example for my name is are below.

Car line- The safest and best option. Car line begins at 2 when the buses leave. The car line will be a little longer with the new people , but it will still be quick.

Northdale Walker or Shillington Walker - Your child will be released as a walker. The understanding is they will be walking home as we dismiss them at 2:00 PM. I will not allow K or 1st grade to walk home by themselves unless they have a sibling. K and 1 students will need to be car riders. We will send our walkers on their way at 2.

Bike riders- Again this option is for grades 2-5 students. Bike riders will be dismissed at 2.

Car Line Morning and Afternoon

I certainly appreciate that more and more parents are turning on to Sapwood, taking a left on Seabreeze, and a left on Shillington. This route is designed to create a car line that no one cuts in the line. When we follow this route you are joining the line in an orderly manner. Please be cognizant not to block the Seabreeze on to Shillington cross street so the neighborhood can come and go at their leisure. I do not proclaim to be a graphics designer , but the map below gets the point across I hope. If you have anyone that is joining our car line please make them aware of the procedures.

Officer Hogue is standing at the entrance in the morning. There are no left turns on to Shillington and no left turns on to Northdale during arrival and dismissal hours. Our parents have done a great job with this and it is my hope that we have the best car line in the world. Or at least the best car line on Northdale.

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